#PlantBasedPregnancy: Baby Number 3!

Baby number 3 (!!!) due November 2020

Earlier this week I officially went public with some big news: I’m pregnant!

I found out I was pregnant just a couple of days before we all started staying home to flatten the curve of COVID-19. It was a scary and uncertain time for everyone, and the positive pregnancy test was our personal plot-twist. Though I was excited about baby number 3, I spent the early days of the pregnancy and the pandemic feeling very anxious and depressed.

Now that things have settled down a bit, it still feels like a weird time to be pregnant, but my emotions aren’t running quite as wild. And it’s actually been nice to simply stay home and take things slow, especially as the first trimester hits me pretty hard.

This week, at nearly 11 weeks pregnant, I had my first doctor’s appointment and ultrasound. It was a different experience with all of the COVID-19 precautions, but not unpleasant. I’m grateful for all of the healthcare workers working through this challenging time. I was anxious heading in but left feeling safe — and happy. Look at that sonogram!

I am looking forward to sharing more about this pregnancy here, including keeping it a plant based pregnancy! Something I haven’t talked about much online is how my diet flip-flopped a bit during both of my other pregnancies, at times veering vegetarian and pescetarian. This time around I feel extra committed to keep it vegan – not for the sake of the label but for the sake of staying true to myself and what makes me feel best in mind, body, and spirit.

Wish me luck and stay tuned here and on instagram for updates!

Oh, and cross your fingers for a girl.

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