While I enjoy all variations on vegan bolognese, I’m most partial to the TVP version lately. It’s super budget-friendly, easy to cook, and satisfies that craving for a hearty “meat” sauce.… View Post

Although the name means “pasta with mushrooms,” this dish is not complete without sweet vidalia onions, chewy “beefy” crumbles, and a rich onion soup base.… View Post

Tripp is officially 10 months old and I’m officially amazed at how fast time is flying by. The past few months have been filled with lots of growing on Tripp’s part. It feels like he’s… View Post

So begins my mission to “veganize” my favorite family recipes, hopeful that I can replicate the heart of each dish, minus the animal products, and cultivate a lasting family dinner tradition in my own home.… View Post

Hello, Vanessa here! I’m just a thirty something living in Brooklyn, NY, trying to keep it vegan while enjoying life as a new mom, wife, and cat lady.… View Post