#MeatlessMonday: Plant-Based Proteins

Happy #MeatlessMonday! Who’s ready to kick off the week with healthy and delicious plant-based food?

If you’re new to meatless eating and concerned about getting enough protein, the first thing I will say is that you probably shouldn’t be! Most Americans actually consume 1½ more protein than is necessary on a daily basis. Plus, protein is abundant in plant foods! If you eat a wide variety of them, you will likely meet your protein needs, which are different for everyone.

But if you need some extra assurance or are simply looking for a new plant-based protein to try cooking with today, I’d like to introduce you to the delicious dozen:


If you’re not sure what to eat today, try using plant-based proteins from the delicious dozen as building blocks for your meatless meals.

Here are some sample Meatless Monday Menus to help you brainstorm!

Sample Menu #1

Sample Menu #2

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  1. October 29, 2020 / 8:30 am

    I’m not a newcomer to meatless eating, but I was surprised that lentils have more proteins than chickpeas. Thank you for sharing!

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