Meat Free Pregnancy: Expecting #2 + Am I Staying Vegan?

baby boy number 2

Expecting Baby #2!

It’s been especially quiet here on over the past couple of months because I haven’t been feeling so hot. But, it’s all for a good cause: we’re expecting another baby boy in late November!

Just like my first pregnancy, I’ve spent the first 20 weeks of this one battling morning (aka all day) sickness, headaches, and exhaustion. Unlike my first pregnancy, I have a toddler to take care of this time – so it’s been even more of a challenge.

Am I staying vegan?

I get this question a lot. The short answer is YES, though there have been a few hiccups during the first half of this pregnancy. If you’re interested in the long answer (which I’m actually keeping somewhat concise), read on.

During my first pregnancy I switched from a vegan diet to a vegetarian/pescatarian one. It felt like the right thing to do then, but this time around I am doing my best to keep it plant-based. I’ll admit that it hasn’t been as easy as I though it would be, and I haven’t been a perfect vegan (if there is such a thing) since getting pregnant again. There have been some cheat days here and there, mainly involving dairy.

I can be really hard on myself about all of this, which is funny because I do not judge other people harshly for the way they eat. You’re not vegan? That’s alright! Cut back on animal products, try a Meatless Monday, it’s all good.

For some reason, I just can’t be this easy-going with myself. I spend (too much) time stressing out about it all, wondering if I should become comfortable with being a “mostly vegan mama” or if I should knock it off and recommit to a true vegan diet. Honestly, I lean towards the latter – staying vegan.

I remind myself why I wanted to eat vegan in the first place (the animals!) and how much I actually love to eat that way (a lot!) when I’m not being all pregnant and weird. Plus, I’m not letting myself forget about the time I tried dairy-based ice cream again and my stomach flipped out – so not worth it.

So, without torturing myself any further, I am back on the vegan wagon, and happy about it. I’m sure I’ll continue to have my moments of indecision – that just seems to be my nature, especially when I’m hella pregnant and hormonal. And undoubtedly there will be factors that make staying vegan more challenging for me sometimes, like my non-vegan family, lackluster vegan options away from home, and an insatiable 3rd trimester appetite. But, I’m going to do my best!


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