Meat Free Baby: 10 Months Old

Tripp is officially 10 months old and I’m officially amazed at how fast time is flying by.

The past few months have been filled with lots of growing on Tripp’s part. It feels like he’s doing something new each and every day, whether it’s uttering a new sound or standing up a little longer than he did the last time. And especially now that he is making advances in the eating department, I thought I would do occasional updates here under the category Meat Free Baby.


Since he was about 6 months old, Tripp has been eating “solids” three times a day. Initially, I was interested in baby-led weaning and thought we might be able to skip purees entirely. However, a combination of nerves (on my part) and lack of interest (on his) translated to us mostly spoon-feeding him. Luckily, Tripp really seemed to enjoy eating this way, and it rarely felt like force-feeding. And as I got more comfortable with baby-led weaning (reading this book and talking to my cousin helped) and Tripp became more interested, we started to incorporate finger foods. However, at 10 months old his meals have still been more mushy than not, so we’ve got some work to do – namely giving him more textured foods and encouraging him to feed himself more. I’d also like to get more plant proteins in the mix – like lentils, beans, and tofu.

Another thing – when I was pregnant I envisioned myself cooking all of Tripp’s meals from scratch. But then real life with an infant happened and for me that meant not always getting home cooked food on the table for my husband and I, forget about the baby. So, I bought pouches and jars baby food. I often felt guilty about this and sometimes still do, but I also know that I have to let that shit go. I’m doing my best here!! Some days that means cooking and other days that means baby food and takeout. There are a lot of ideals you can strive for as a parent, but I’m learning (over and over and over again) that there isn’t a perfect way to do things, and I have to figure out what works for us from one day to the next.

Look at that face!

Here are some examples of the foods Tripp has been enjoying lately.


  • Oatmeal made with breastmilk, water, or almond milk + fresh banana
  • Non-dairy yogurt (So Delicious or Cashewgurt)
  • Happy Baby ‘Clearly Crafted’ pouches (ex. Bananas, Raspberries, and Oats)
  • Earth’s Best Organic Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal



  • Gerber Peas & Carrots
  • Pastina with marinara sauce
  • Quinoa + sweet potatoes + avocado


  • Happy Baby Teething Wafers & Puffs
  • Homemade fruit smoothies (like this purple one)
  • A piece of crusty bread

I also give him a taste of whatever I’m eating now, if it’s soft enough. He only has two teeth after all. But he really seems to like a lot of it – stuff like hummus, rice, lentil soup, sautéed veggies, etc. He’s also proved to have a bit of a sweet tooth – enjoying tastes of of my non-dairy Ben and Jerry’s or Dada’s chocolate chia seed pudding and demanding more!

Finally, a bit on our overall strategy as far as eating vegan/vegetarian goes. While I strive to keep a vegan diet, my husband does not and we agree that is possible to eat healthy while incorporating a small amount of dairy, eggs, and fish. So where do we net out? Right now it’s vegan at home for everybody, with a flexible approach while we’re out, but no meat. This could definitely change, but so far it’s working for us.


There have been some challenges along the way, but I am proud that we’ve got 10 months of breastfeeding in the books. Currently Tripp nurses approximately 5-6 times a day in addition to eating the food mentioned above. Quite fortunately for me, nighttime feedings have ceased. Until recently he was nursing 2-3x during the night, every night!

As special as breastfeeding is, I’ll admit to being tired of it at times. A break would be nice – like a real one that doesn’t include pumping. But I’ll keep going as long as it works for the two of us. Next I’m looking forward to hitting that one year milestone, which is just around the corner!




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  1. Mom
    October 22, 2017 / 9:22 am

    10 Months of wonderful is how I see it – great job Nessa 💕

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