We were waiting on an electrical upgrade to our building before we could turn our new oven on, so it’s been 10 months (!) since I could do something like this. I honestly forgot just… View Post

It all begins with Mom’s secret recipe (which can be found on the back of a box of Mueller’s elbow macaroni) and ends with replacing the butter, milk, and cheese with their dairy-free equivalents. … View Post

While I enjoy all variations on vegan bolognese, I’m most partial to the TVP version lately. It’s super budget-friendly, easy to cook, and satisfies that craving for a hearty “meat” sauce.… View Post

Although the name means “pasta with mushrooms,” this dish is not complete without sweet vidalia onions, chewy “beefy” crumbles, and a rich onion soup base.… View Post

So begins my mission to “veganize” my favorite family recipes, hopeful that I can replicate the heart of each dish, minus the animal products, and cultivate a lasting family dinner tradition in my own home.… View Post